Meet the DSCC founder Ange Besant (aka Angimal)

Checkout out the transcript from the recent stuff article featuring our Deadly Sin Coffee founder Ange Besant (aka the Angimal) and how the DSCC brand was born.

Could Deadly Sin Coffee be New Zealand's strongest brew? 

When Covid-19 plunged New Zealand into lockdown, Aucklander Ange Besant​ saw an opportunity to escape the corporate rat race and combine her passions for coffee and exercise.

“I was working from home a lot and realised there was no really strong coffee – there are plenty of mainstream brands out there and they’re nice but a bit boring,” she said.

“I knew there had to be a better blend just waiting to be created.”

The mother-of-two, who has a background in HR and executive coaching, had always wanted to own her own business and said lockdown provided the perfect opportunity.

Rather than “wallow in the misery of Covid”, she began experimenting with different coffee bean blends, eventually settling on a combination of notoriously strong and bitter robusta beans, and others from Panama and Brazil.

The result was Deadly Sin Coffee, a blend with twice the caffeine content of others on the market.

After the coffee “caused a ruckus” at her gym, where early risers clamoured for a supercharged caffeine hit, Besant knew she was on to something and set about fine-tuning the blend.

The key was in the ratio of robusta to other beans.

“Robusta is super strong but revolting on its own. You have to balance that with other beans to get a coffee that’s strong but also smooth.”

The brand launched last November and Besant said she had been overwhelmed with support.

“It’s certainly no mainstream brand, but that’s exactly what we wanted to create. We took a punt on something that we felt was pretty cool and had so much fun doing it.”

Deadly Sin Coffee is roasted in South Auckland, about 30 minutes from Besant’s Birkenhead home where she looks after the rest of the business.

Sales are growing as word spreads and although currently only available online, Besant hopes to see her coffee in cafes within a year.